GDP Quality /Security Manager at Geodis Wilson


The Business Excellence & RA Security Manager

  • Is responsible for the setup and overview of our company’s IMS system including quality, health and safety and environment in line with the corresponding ISO standards & Geodis global requirements.
  • strives to support the SMT, DEPTS, TEAMS and individual colleagues to develop sustainably in their continuous improvement role (~STS) within the organization
  • ensures within the national organization that the entire pharmaceutical cold chain, provided by Geodis FF and its subcontractors, proceeds in a safe and legally compliant manner. All this in view of the health of the end consumer
  • is the Security Manager for the Brussels airfreight site within its mandatory Regulated Agent program
  • is for both B.E. & Security the link between our customers, suppliers and internal/global operational and commercial services
  • supports with his Pharma & Security expertise our sales, operations and customers
  • Works closely together with the rest of the Business Excellence team;

Tasks & responsibilities

Continuous Improvement

  • Organizes & coordinates internal audits based on QHSE standards
  • Analyses risk & opportunity inventory evaluations, incidents, audit reports, customer and operational feedback/complaints
  • Coordinates, follows up measures/corrective actions/good practices

Customer implementation, follow-up & training

  • Supports sales & operations during the implementation process of pharma customers
  • Trains the pharma teams/colleagues as per identified continuous improvement requirements

Knowledge Sharing Network

  • Organises regular QHSE meetings in both Brussels and Schoten sites in relation to our warehouse activities
  • Organises regular Management Review meetings to review our IMS.
  • Participates at the BE Team meetings and keeps team members informed/involved on QHSE matters.
  • Follows up on a yearly basis the GDP Annual Plan


  • Makes sure we have one integrated IMS covering all QHSE related matters within GFF Belgium and in relation with Geodis HQ set up.
  • Reviews and amends B.E. related documentation whenever required
  • Organises and coordinates internal audits within GFF Belgium
  • Organises internally and participates at all external audits relating to QHSE and AEO (focus on security)
  • Assures the yearly B.E. action plan for GFF Belgium.

Risk & Opportunity Management

  • Elaborates and executes risk and opportunity assessments
  • Executes external supplier audits and presides customer audits

KPI Management

  • Manages GDP/Pharma supplier & haulier contracts, follows up the agreed KPI’s and organizes regular review meetings
  • Manages GDP/Pharma related customer contracts, follows up the agreed KPI’s and organizes regular review meetings
  • Analyses the company’s KPI’s in view of deviations & possible actions to be taken.
  • Analyses & sets up QHSE related KPI’s.

RA Security Manager

Contract Management

  • Maintains the haulier agreements

Deficiencies and Major Incidents

  • Addresses any deficiency identified by a CAA audit
  • Informs the country MD of any major incidents that might jeopardize our Regulated Agent status

Knowledge Sharing Network

  • Ensures that the security program provisions are known to persons on a need-to-know basis
  • Ensures that all staff are trained per the NASP requirements
    • Maintains the training record of staff
  • Is the contact person for any matter related to aviation security
  • Is present at the regular Machelen Cargo Management meetings with security as a fixed topic

Security Controls & Measures

  • Assesses the vulnerability of the premises and security procedures
  • Ensures background checks/pre-employment checks of staff are performed
  • Is responsible for the implementation of the security controls and compliance with the procedures
  • Initiates additional security measures when required by the CAA
  • Maintains an updates list of all persons having access to known cargo

Security Program

  • Develops and modifies the security program to ensure it fulfils the requirements of the national aviation security program

Accountability & Liability

The Business Excellence Manager advises, in his role as pharma quality, as per the respective GFFB pharma product and thus legal requirements. His advises can be overruled by the customer and/or the Senior Management.

The RA Security Manager is liable for his actions; his advises, in line with the Security Program, must always be executed within the entire organization.

Training & Development

  • ADR Safety Advisor
  • BCAA Aviation Cargo Security Manager Course
  • IATA Audit, Quality & Risk Management for Temperature Controlled Cargo
  • IATA Temperature Controlled Cargo Operations
  • Internal Auditor as per the ISO Requirements 2015
  • MOBILIT Regulated Agent Training


  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to and work effectively within a variety of situations, and with various individuals or group
  • Commitment to quality: Is constantly looking for ways to challenge, monitor and improve the quality of work and processes (by competing against a standard of excellence) taking initiatives and creating systems.
  • Emotional Intelligence: The ability, capacity or skill to identify, assess and manage the emotions of one’s self of others and of groups. The skill of understanding and managing other people in what regards to intentions, motivations and desires
  • Initiative: The ability to recognize opportunities, possibilities or threats and respond (pro-actively) to them effectively
  • Problem solving: Develops and communicates ideas to solve complex issues. Interact positively with others to address misunderstandings and reach agreement. Keen to address a complex issue from various angles to understand the root cause.
  • Teamwork: The ability and willingness to use emotional intelligence to interact at all levels, to promote collaboration and sustain relationship with business partners to influence business results and to find the approach that seeks a win-win