W.L. Management BV | 16.06.2024 | Antwerpen

Financial Controller

Details van de vacature
  • Contract: Bediende
  • Minimal ervaring: 2 tot 5 jaar
  • Segmentatie: Expediteur / Forwarder Zeevracht , Rederij , Boekhouding / Financieel


Job responsibilities:

  • Daily checking of bank balances in order to prepare daily report - ALL Banks.
  • Checking and confirmation of port expenses invoices in the system as per payment plan.
  • Checking the invoices folder (to pay/receive) and following up the invoices:
    • Checking each invoice in the system before registration to avoid double entry.
    • Checking the agreement for availability and correctness of bank details.
    • Checking of all invoices for the presence of the necessary details - date, number, correct company name, amount, currency, IBAN, SWIFT, etc.
  • Preparation of reports of current daily payments and sending them for approval.
  • Entering payments in the bank payment systems.
  • Preparation and sending a report “Blocked Payments” for all pending and blocked payments.
  • Mail handling:
    • Answering incoming requests from banks;
    • Responses on requests concerning payments, balance reconciliation, SWIFT copies, bank statements etc.
  • Checking the status of past payments of previous days to see if they have been successfully credited to the beneficiary. If the payment is found to be blocked, enter it in the “Blocked Payments” table.
  • Financial planning for the long and short term, including calculations of the amounts which should be deposited to all operational accounts in order to cover all daily and future payments sufficiently.
  • Entering bunker expenses into the system for future long-term planning.
  • Work with Handover (vessel’s voyage summary) on new voyages:
    • Entering revenue and expense part in the system.
  • Working with post-fixers department in case they need information of paid invoices
  • Providing information by e-mail to Insurance Club on paid claims by each vessel in the form of a summary table, approximately twice a month.
  • Preparing and registering invoices at the end of each month and future arranging of payments of staff salaries.