Find your future job at Evergreen Shipping Agency (EUROPE) GmbH Belgium Branch

Evergreen Shipping Agency (EUROPE) GmbH Belgium Branch
De Keyserlei 58-60
2018 - Antwerpen

Evergreen Shipping Agency (Belgium), located at De Keyserlei 58-60 at Antwerpen, specializes in the following business sectors : transport , logistics , chartering , storage .
The company is equipped with NC.

Looking for a professional carrier specialized in:

Carrier of Goods :

  • Industrial Goods Transport
  • Transport of Goods By Cistern
  • Cargo Transport By Tipper
  • Refrigerated Goods Transport
  • Transportation of Miscellaneous Goods

Charter :

  • Grouping or full chartering
  • Chartering Perishable Foods
  • Chartered Charter Customs
  • Air chartering
  • Chartering Maritime
  • Chartering Others

Logistics :

  • Logistics Stock Management
  • Logistics Order Preparation
  • Logistics Distribution
  • Logistics Pallet Packaging

Storage :

  • Covered Storage
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Refrigerated Warehousing
  • Liquid Storage
  • Storage of Dangerous Goods
  • Secure Storage
  • Storage In Furniture Storage
  • Self Storage Storage

Express Transport :

  • Express Express Shipping
  • Express Transport Express Courier

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