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Mechelsesteenweg 271
2018 - Antwerpen


The search for a job comes at different times in life. The first job during or after your studies. A next step in your career. A new start after being out of the running for a while. Or just the job you always wanted. In those moments, Vivaldis wants to get to know you. In Flanders and beyond, there are already more than 60 Vivaldis interim offices with temporary employment consultants who, together with you, outline your next steps. Vivaldis does just that differently than the others. Personal, warm, almost family. But also professionally, across the board.

What are we doing? We map out your knowledge and capabilities. We conduct selection interviews. We test you if necessary. We make you familiar with the market. We introduce you to the right employer. We ensure that all paperwork is in order. And in the meantime we look forward to your next job.

All things that we do with a lot of attention. For the simple reason that you only function optimally if you feel good in your professional skin. It is no coincidence that more and more employers choose Vivaldis. They create new vacancies every day. Check it out!


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