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Effective logistics solutions for manufacturers

The internationalisation of trade, growth in emerging countries, offshoring production, global sourcing: in business, logistics has become a global issue. To support manufacturers in managing and optimising their global logistics chain, GEFCO has designed efficient, innovative logistics solutions suited to the requirements and constraints of each sector.

A recognised logistics integrator working for manufacturers

emerging from automotive logistics, GEFCO has chosen to specialise in logistics integration for manufacturers.

As a key player in industrial logistics, the group is able to respond to all supply chain optimisation requirements, upstream or downstream from production sites:

Inbound overland logistics: land transport, logistics, container management

Outbound automotive logistics: vehicle distribution, value-added operations

Overseas: management of maritime and air flows

GEFCO positions itself as a leading logistics integrator able to provide manufacturers with a tailored response throughout the global supply chain. These complete solutions with high added value are governed by the triptych of quality, reliability and competitiveness.

Optimising budgets while respecting deadlines and the environment

In all sectors throughout the world, GEFCO supports manufacturers in the management of their international logistics flows. From optimising transport plans to operational implementation, GEFCO’s mission is to:

Providing logistics solutions for all or part of the supply chain o Ensure the continuity of logistics flows to avoid breaks in the supply chain or the distribution of finished products

Reducing logistics costs

Optimising the transport plan

Reducing carbon emissions into the environment.

Customs and tax representation: a personalised service

Going beyond the management of logistics flows, GEFCO supports its industrial customers in their administrative and tax management. Operating as a customs broker since 1970, the teams can take care of all the regulatory and tax aspects of freight flows. For manufacturers, this service ensures that the risks associated with international trade are kept to a minimum.


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