26 January 2015

Top 5 technologies will change transportation management, logistic and supply chain

Top 5 technologies will change transportation management, logistic and supply chain

Technology has always been the driving force behind logistics and the transportation industry. In the past centuries, people looked for ways to transport goods faster and more economically.

With the industrial revolutions (steam engine, car) and the arrival of the internet, transportation management systems have highly advanced. Don’t forget the major invention in the world of transport: the container. Indeed, in 1958, Malcolm McLean changed forever the world of transport with the first containers that could be transported and transshipped low cost. It’s the rise of globalization.

This was only the beginning. With the news emerging technology, the industry can to be more fast, precisely and security in the logistic. In the past new hub, Tl Hub had spoken these technologies such as 3D printers, intelligent robots Amazon or the Google Glass .

For an overview see, we present a top 5 technologies will change transportation management, logistic and supply chain

3D Printing

Through a computer-aided design, the various layers of materials enable the printing of a 3 dimensional product. This revolutionary technology not only creates objects of everyday life, but also allows the creation of human tissues.
One less process cheaper, which will accelerate the manufacturing of products and reduce costs. It will enable manufacturers to “print” on demand, which will shorten the supply chain by making it unnecessary to have large quantities of finished products stacked in warehouses. An anti-waste action that greatly affect the sector detached parts.
See our article on the implications for the logistics industry

Objects connected to the Internet

Internet has connected the world. Today, devices and humans are connected to each other everywhere and all the time.

This explains the logic arrival the application of the internet of objects with cloud-based GPS which are increasingly present in enterprises like the KIVA robots Amazon for example. Objects communicate with each other through radio frequency (RFID) and the company with which they transmit their location, but also thanks to the temperature, pressure and humidity. With this, we can’t lose or damage the goods! The location of each object in a warehouse and the identification of goods transported in real time are sent to the central office.
Increased visibility of transport and a better flow in the supply chain will allow faster sedding of good. So, this will increase customer satisfaction!


A UAV is a flying object (remote controlled or autonomous) small, light, inexpensive and can travel great distances. Although companies are still a little scared on this technology, we think that they will adopt them soon.

These drones allow a major advance in the sector of transport and logistics on both the speed or accuracy of the delivery of goods, and at lower costs. For now, government measures still control its use to ensure aviation safety.

But who knows? In the near future, we receive our orders instantly, safely landing in our gardens or front of our house
But, it’s true that unlike Amazon which still awaits its permissions, DHL began deliveries drones early October 2014. The island chosen, located in Germany, is composed only of 1,700 inhabitants and a surface of ​​16km². Its access is made only by ferry during the winter, DHL will make daily flights to bring medicaments and goods.

Driverless vehicles

Vehicles without drivers are able , like objects connected to the Internet , to detect their environment and drive safely without human.

Still being tested, vehicles without drivers have already proven their efficiency in the transport sector . A technology that will soon be used to improve the performance of the supply chain for companies that wish to significantly reduce costs and other expenses.

In addition, it will allow a constant transportation (meals, sleep), and increase the availability of business in the delivery ( holidays, holidays). Besides the risk of accidents will reach almost zero. Indeed, no human error associated with loss of concentration, alcohol or drowsiness!

Augmented Reality

Already used by many tools, like the Google Glass , augmented reality provides a global view of the environment around us and to have more information about the world in real time.
A technology that will allow employees to have essential information and instant on goods: its destination , its properties ...
A new man-machine interface that will link the employee warehouse systems by displaying the necessary information.

An optimization of the logistics company will win a better transportation management of goods and a delivery more fast.

In short

All these nexs technologye are designed to facilitate the world of transport, logistics and supply chain. Benefits that will improve the perfomance of enterprise and reduce the cost of the labor sometimes too expensive. That it’s true that technology can become a danger to the labor market. So, we can be afraid for offers and to ask questions about the future of employment

A fear that can be decreased. In the short to medium term. The proof is the TL Hub site, and more than 200 jobs proposals from 65 companies recruiting in the sector!

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